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3 Calendar Planner App Hacks for Freelancers

By July 1, 2017 No Comments

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It’s true that writing things down helps with memory retention. But when it comes to freelancing, writing to-do lists and using paper calendars just doesn’t cut it. If this is the case, is a calendar planner app the next best thing?

You bet!

It doesn’t matter which field you’re in. Calendar planning apps have become the norm, and people of all industries are using them.

But few professionals are getting the most out of them. And for freelancers, poor planning can be dangerous.

So, how can you maximize your calendar planner app to crank out work and better manage your time? Here are 3 reasons how…!

1. Transform Your “To-Do” List into Daily Goals

“To-do” lists only complicate a freelancer’s ability to establish a daily routine. Between finances, networking, marketing, and work itself, freelancers have a lot going on.

That’s why it helps to organize tasks as goals. They’re less intimidating, more manageable, and they eliminate procrastination.

Some tasks will only take minutes or hours to do. But you can execute longer tasks on time by working on them in increments. You can do all this, plus hit other, more tedious tasks, like taxes or budgeting.

Discipline yourself to accomplish these daily goals, no matter what. By keeping it between 2-3 tasks per day, it won’t be an issue getting everything done.

You can also use time management apps like RescueTime and Focus Booster. These apps help you practice better time management while you work!

2. Create a More Organized & Efficient Calendar

Setting daily goals means knocking out everything on time. It saves you from scrambling to do everything at the last minute.

But how does a freelancer fulfill all their roles on time without missing a beat?

Distinguish projects and tasks from events, like meetings or appointments. Everyone has their own system, but color coding is a popular and simple way of organizing.

Google Calendar is popular because it uses an organization system based on colors. But there are other calendar apps that work just as well, or better.

Editorial calendar apps are perfect if you’re on board with the daily goal system we talked about. They plan entire projects out in a movement, from planning to handing over the final products. They also help keep clients in the loop.

3. Save Time with an A.I. Meeting Scheduler App

Freelancers get bogged down with back-and-forth emails and scheduling appointments. It’s tedious, and it can take serious time away from work.

That’s where meeting scheduler apps come in.

A meeting scheduler app works like a personal assistant or secretary. It’s powered by artificial intelligence, and it coordinates appointments according to your calendar.

So, rather than find a time that works best for you and a client, the meeting scheduler app does it for you via email.

This means you can focus on work and increase productivity while scheduling meetings. It’s like having a personal assistant, but at a significantly lower cost!

Because they’re connected to your online calendar planner app, they can help you stay on track. You can schedule more efficiently with a meeting scheduler app while staying organized.

Start Optimizing Your Calendar Planner App!

Organization is one of the secrets to success. By setting goals for each work day on a calendar planner app, you can jump-start your productivity!

An A.I. meeting scheduler app can enhance your productivity and help you better manage your time. Interested in learning more about the benefits of using an A.I. personal assistant? Here’s what Meet Sally can do for you.


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