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5 Positive Benefits of Automation in the Workplace

By July 5, 2017 No Comments

benefits of automation

Working with robots has long been the subject of science fiction hits like Star Wars.

But in 2017, having a sidekick like C-3PO isn’t all that unrealistic.

There are many benefits of automation. These are evident in everything from factory-based industries to our day to day lives. However, these benefits don’t come without speculation and fear: the most common being the fear of worker displacement.

Let’s take a moment to set aside any reservations and learn about five of the major benefits of automation.

Five Benefits of Automation

Automation in the workforce requires an initial investment. However, the increased profits are proving a fantastic return on investment.

Improved Safety and Security

In a factory setting, robots are taking over dangerous jobs involving blades, welding, chemical exposure, and more. It’s obvious why human error can have huge consequences in this setting, especially after workers have been on the line for long hours.

In an office setting, automation also reduces human error. For example, automation can help monitor unusual cyber activity. This helps to keep your sensitive information safe.

Better Product Quality

One of the great benefits of automation is freedom from fatigue. Plus, robots don’t need bathroom breaks or sick days. They can produce the same product the same way as long as you need them to, with virtually no variation in quality.

Automation ensures better product quality in an office setting too. An automated personal assistant, such as Sally, can schedule your meetings for you. By syncing up with your calendar, Sally won’t forget about your dentist appointment and double book.

Higher Product Output

While automation has the potential to replace jobs, it also has the potential to create higher profits, allowing businesses to expand.

For example, the rise of ATMs may have decreased bank teller employment, but because ATMs made it cheaper to operate each branch, the number of branches increased. In turn, bank teller employment overall increased because of the ability to serve more customers during more hours at a lower cost.

Higher Employee Value

Productivity and profits have a clear link.

That’s probably why people today are working more hours than ever. In fact, it is estimated that in the United States, 85.8% of males and 66.5% of females work over 40 hours a week.

Automating aspects of your business allows your employees to have higher value and be more productive. Plus, it will likely lead to more enjoyable jobs.

Freedom From the Mundane

Automation allows employees to focus on the jobs that require critical thinking and free them from busy work.

Speaking of busy work, automation eliminates the horribly boring tasks that no one wants to do.

For example, applying hundreds of labels a day gets old quickly and requires minimal skill. The same goes for exchanging a long chain of emails to try and coordinate a meeting time.

Automating systems like this saves time and money, and is likely to increase worker morale as well!

That’s It

Thanks for reading about the five top benefits of automation in the workplace. If you’re interested in finding out more about the AI-powered personal assistant, Sally, click here. Why wouldn’t you want to get five hours back every work week?

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