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AI Jobs: These Are the Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Create

By September 14, 2017 No Comments

ai jobs

How do you know that the future has arrived? Just take a look at the state of AI.

AI (or artificial intelligence) is a growing effort to get computers to perform intelligent tasks. AI computers will be able to reason, problem solve and adapt, on the fly.

The fast rise of AI has many concerned that it will eventually put people out of work. In fact, there are estimates that 47% of employment opportunities will be occupied by machines within the next two decades.

That’s an alarming statistic. No one wants to lose their job to a highly intelligent computer. But don’t line up for unemployment just yet.

AI jobs aren’t going to replace our own careers. In fact, AI will benefit our economy by creating a number of new jobs. Read on to learn more about the jobs AI will create.

AI Creation

AI may eventually surpass human intelligence. But it would not exist without the efforts of humans.

Many AI jobs already exist in the creation field. These human workers are helping to set AI automation into motion. AI will provide more than $650 million in annual salaries and 10,000 jobs this year alone.

As AI continues to grow, AI creation jobs will continue to expand. This rapidly growing field will also rely on workers to educate the devices.

These workers can help AI devices fix their mistakes, learn human behavior, and understand human interaction. In order to function in a human world, AI devices need to be trained by humans. This could be key to job creation in the future.

AI Translation

AI may just be emerging, but it’s already making an impact on the economy.

As AI continues to integrate into the world of business, there will be a growing need for people to explain how these devices work.

That’s where AI translators come in. These are workers who can break down the functions of AI to businesses.

Think about the last time you tried to set up a computer program. You probably had to seek out an expert’s opinion online or even call someone to walk you through the steps. That’s essentially the role these workers will play for AI.

Companies with AI will need to hire people that can understand and relay the inner workings of these devices to others.

AI Responders

No system is without its flaws.

Though AI may seem like a perfect technology there are bound to be some issues.

AI responders will help to make sure that systems are functioning to the highest degree. They will be the people AI creators turn to should anything go wrong with an AI device.

These workers will play a crucial role in the future of AI. They will make sure that issues are fixed and will intervene should a device malfunction.

Think of these workers as an IT team — only dealing with a highly intelligent technology.

AI Jobs

AI is bound to automate and eliminate some jobs. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt the economy.

There will be plenty of need for highly skilled workers as AI continues to grow. AI’s abilities may eventually surpass humans, but it’s still a human-run world.

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