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AI Robots: Changing the Economy for the Better

By August 11, 2017 No Comments

AI robots

The business world is changing at a rapid pace. With the emergence of Artifical Intelligence (AI) the workforce has become more efficient and businesses have gained tools that help them understand their consumer’s needs more clearly.

We know it sounds a little strange, but don’t worry. AI working alongside us will only help to make the world a better place.

We’ve already told you about how rapidly AI technology will increase over the next few years. But how will the expansion of AI affect the workforce and the economy?

Come along to see how we believe AI robots are changing the economy for the better

Data Collection From AI Robots

Data collection is one of the biggest benefits that AI can bring to businesses. By having AI technology monitor consumer patterns on your site, they can not only tell you what works and does not work with your business but recommend other products to your customers.

Just think of the “recommendations” section on Netflix. This AI technology takes what you are interested and offers you ideas on what to watch next.

Think about that the next time you binge watch a show or watch a life altering documentary. Chances are, an AI robot picked that out for you.

This kind of research will allow businesses to understand their consumers on a much better level. Basically, businesses will have a much easier time selling products to consumers with the help of AI robots.

Quality Assurance

Using AI as quality assurance for your business is an innovation that will save your business time and any negative backlash caused by human error.This safe way of protecting businesses from making missteps is a result of AI robots learning from collected data throughout the internet age.

Shalini Chaudhari from Accenture puts it best by explaining “In an AI world, we can leverage the years and years of data we have to prevent errors at the source, … Contrast the limited memory, and availability, of a person, with the resources available to an AI advisor that can work tirelessly and can be present for whoever needs it.


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