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AI Tools are Shifting Workplace Organization: Here’s How

By September 22, 2017 No Comments

ai toolsWorried that artificial intelligence is taking over the workplace?

Well, it is. And that’s a good thing.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is becoming one of the best tools for automating tasks and helping businesses succeed. AI tools are quickly shifting the workplace landscape, in more ways than one.

Interested in learning more? Read on to find out how AI is becoming critical to improving workplace organization.

Optimizing Data Analysis

One of the ways that AI is helping to shape the workplace organization is by sifting through, organizing, and understanding data.

An AI can sift through financial data, customer purchases, or even employee habits. It can easily identify patterns and variations. An AI can help to eliminate the most time-consuming tasks in an organization and free employees up for the more human-oriented tasks.

AI programs are great at using descriptive analytics to make sense of past data. But AI can also predict future trends using predictive analytics.

Similar data analysis tasks could take a human employee many hours to sort through. An AI can do it quickly and efficiently while also better understanding the trends.

Automating Human Resources

Several AI programs exist to help organizations with the hiring process. AI is transforming human resources and allowing HR employees to focus on more important tasks.

AI eliminates the need for an employee to sift through LinkedIn profiles or job applications to find the right candidate. An AI can use algorithms and machine-learning to match employees to an open position.

These programs can also help when it comes to the onboarding process. Certain tools can automate much of the learning and training that is required for new employees.

AI programs are continually becoming more helpful for training staff. They can teach new skills, cross-train, offer incentives, and award certifications.

Providing Customer Service

While chatbots have been around a while, more organizations are beginning to see their value. They can optimize the customer experience. They can reduce the need for humans during basic service interactions.

AI chatbots are getting smarter. Over time, chatbots will continue to become even more intelligent and helpful.

AI tools can also learn as they go. If an AI chatbot discovers a new problem, they can improve their interactions and perform better assistance next time.

AI is a great solution for answering customer concerns and questions when browsing your website or using your product.

Scheduling Meetings Using AI Tools

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention our very own AI app, Sally. Sally is a personal assistant AI that is changing the way meetings are scheduled.

More than a calendar scheduling program, Sally interacts with meeting attendees and sets up meetings on your behalf. The AI can interact with users until a common meeting time is found that works for everyone.

A job that could have taken a human employee a lot of frustration and wasted time to arrange, can be an easy and simple job for an expert AI.

Final Thoughts

AI tools are taking over the workplace and if you’re looking to keep up and improve your organization, you should take notice.

AI is quickly becoming an excellent tool in the modern age. AI can help improve businesses, optimize workflow, and advance organizations.

If you want to get started in improving your business and take your scheduling to the next level, check out what Sally can do for you.


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