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Artificial Intelligence Email: How AI Can Help

By September 10, 2017 No Comments

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Email continues to be a preferred method of communication and information sharing. In fact, more than 2.4 million emails are sent each second. Combined, we send more than 74 trillion emails each year.

But, email does have its shortfalls. Sometimes we send an email and never receive a response. Other times we don’t see an email message until hours after it was sent.

This form of digital communication isn’t foolproof. The introduction of artificial intelligence email seeks to improve email messaging.

In today’s highly technical world the use of artificial intelligence continues to grow.

Want to send better emails? Looking to ensure your email marketing campaign is a success?

Read on for 3 ways that artificial intelligence email services are beneficial.

1. Increased Read Rates

You have 3 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention. This means your email subjects need to be catchy and worthy of an action.

Are you sending quality emails but not getting the expected results?

Maybe you’re sending the right emails, to the right people, but your messages are being sent at the wrong time. In marketing, timing is everything.

With AI-powered emails, algorithms can determine the best time to send consumer emails.

This small amount of personalization boosts the chance of consumers reading your messages. Higher read rates can improve leads and increase conversion.

2. Email-based Product Recommendations

The key to a business’ success is to build customer loyalty and interest. Once a customer buys a product from your company, what keeps them coming back?

Amazon generates 35% of its revenue from email product recommendations.

Can you imagine your marketing team hand-picking products and then emailing each customer? This is inefficient and honestly, impossible.

Looking to send product recommendations to customers? If so, you’re going to need an artificial intelligence email solution.

Artificial intelligence algorithms will analyze your customer’s purchase history, activity, and online behavior. With this data, product recommendations can be dynamically sent to customers.

Personalized product recommendations boost customer engagement. They also increase click-through rates as well as sales.

3. Improved Lifecycle Marketing

Artificial intelligence is ideal for generating customer insight.

As a company, you want to understand how long it takes a consumer to make a purchase. You also want to know the average time between purchases.

Understanding this data can prompt the use of powerful email campaigns. In turn, you can better engage and inform consumers.

How often have you browsed a website, added items to your cart, but never completed the order?

With artificial intelligence email services, you can target cart abandoners with a message. Send an email that offers a discount on the items in the customer’s cart. Or use email to gently remind them of their abandoned items.

This motivates a customer to complete their purchase which boosts sales.

A Trusted Artificial Intelligence Email Service

The use of AI makes work life much simpler. You can use AI services to schedule meetings, send emails, and much more.

The team at Meet Sally has created an AI service that takes on the task of scheduling meetings. Our product understands routine meetings as well as complicated email messages.

Want to spend less time with important business tasks?

If so, contact the Meet Sally team to learn how AI can simplify your work day.


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