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Are the Benefits of AI Greater Than the Risk?

By October 21, 2017 No Comments

benefits of aiWithin a few generations, mankind went from calculating the moon landing with a humble slide rule to smartphones. As computers grow faster, a fascinating new possibility is on the horizon: artificial intelligence.

Our dreams of AI range from beneficial, like Siri, to scary, like HAL in 2000: A Space Odyssey. But is artificial intelligence all risk and no reward?

Let’s take a peek into the future and examine the risks and benefits of ai.

Pros And Cons Of The Benefits Of AI

Pro: Better Customer Service

New applications for ai in the workforce are being utilized every day. One of the benefits of ai in this realm is customer service.

Already there are chatbots on websites helping direct customers to the best department. This makes the customer’s efforts more efficient and gets them the help they need, fast.

Bonus: if you’re a small company or a startup, a chatbot can help you manage an increase in customer inquiries.

Con: Loss of the Human Touch

While a chatbot can direct customers where they need to go, it can be kind of…impersonal. A big part of customer service is empathy for the customers’ needs.

Potential clients might feel turned off by what feels like a lack of kindness and consideration.

Con: Loss of Jobs

Experts are predicting that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions won’t involve people at all. This will no doubt lead to many jobs being eliminated.

Pro: Evolution of Jobs

We would never want to throw our fellow humans out in the cold. In this case, there may be some hidden benefits of ai in this scenario.

As the use of ai evolves, the job market evolves. New jobs will spring up or society may move past the need for jobs as we know them today.

Pro: Better Quality of Life

If AI is developed far enough, humans can work together with it to manage the systems that govern our world.

Food production can increase. Healthcare can become personalized. Energy will be used in an efficient way.

You can imagine the many benefits of ai in different areas of society.

Con: AI Will Take Over Society

In the most out-there, sci-fi ideas, experts claim that the most intelligent AI will find ways to obey our commands – but with horrific results.

For example, if AI were programmed to make all humans happy, advanced AI might do research and find that the root of happiness can be triggered by the group of chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin.

After learning that, the AI might find a way to dose us all into a state of chemical bliss that is ultimately meaningless.

This is just one example, but as you can see, it’s pretty outrageous.

Benefits of AI Today

While some of those scenarios are far ahead in the future – or may never be reality – there are benefits of ai you can be using today.

As we mentioned before, customer service AI, like virtual assistants, make the small, mundane tasks so much more efficient.

An AI-powered assistant like Sally is at your beck and call and takes care of scheduling and meetings for a very affordable price.

We don’t have to wait for the distant future to take advantage of the benefits of ai – so what are you waiting for? Hire Sally today!


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