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Why Your Business Needs AI Personal Assistants

By August 15, 2017 No Comments

AI personal assistantsModern businesses can crumble under the demands of international commerce. They’re constantly distracted from their core business by administrative burdens.

For years, human personal assistants have helped to ease the administrative strain. But in a fast-paced and complex world, are they really enough?

Enter AI personal assistants. Below, we take a look at how they differ from human personal assistants, and why they’re becoming essential for any modern business.

Managing Your Schedule

Despite the dawn of the digital age, we all seem to be getting busier.

With more meetings, engagements, and scheduled activities than ever, it’s growing hard for everyone to keep track. Even PAs and secretaries are being overwhelmed by the complexity of the modern schedule.

That’s where an AI personal assistant comes in. Unlike a human PA, AI personal assistants can be hooked into a calendar directly. Instead of an endless chain of back-and-forth emails, your AI assistant can pick up the meeting request and immediately figure out a time when you’re both available. And instead of kicking the chain to your team to find a free room, your assistant can check room schedules for you, too.

Organizing Travel

Organizing and booking travel is such a headache that companies now pay other companies to do it.

Which is understandable, when you consider that a misplaced booking can cost a company thousands. But many businesses would be happy to save the cost on a travel service provider if these awkward bookings could be picked up by an AI assistant instead.

AI assistants are now reaching a point where they can scour the internet in mere minutes and put together a full itinerary at the best rates available. And even better, their algorithms allow them to learn. The more they’re used, the more efficient they get.

The days of having to contract out to a travel agent to organize a business trip could soon be a thing of the past.

Taking Notes

Meetings can be laborious enough as it is, without the additional strain of note-taking.

Human minutes can be a struggle. Often, nobody wants to volunteer for the duty in the first place. Minutes can end up incomplete or confusing. And typing up the minutes can be a task in itself, taking time away from the minute-taker’s duties.

AI personal assistants can go a long way toward automating this process. An AI assistant can ‘attend’ a meeting, and then send an email digest to all attendees afterward. Not only that, but attendees can even email for more details if they need them.

That gives businesses time to focus on making the meeting productive!

AI Personal Assistants Are the Future

No company wins by being on the wrong end of history. It’s hard to name a successful modern business with a Luddite attitude, and being ahead of the curve can be the difference between becoming the top brand in your field and fading into obscurity. That’s why savvy businesses are already integrating AI personal assistants to shape the future of their business.

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