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From Calendar Organizer to Market Research: 10 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Startups

By December 1, 2017 No Comments

calendar organizerUnfortunately, upwards of 90% of new startups fail. In order to avoid this, it is important to utilize the most helpful tools.

Looking for some ideas on where to start?

Keep reading for ten tools that can act as a calendar organizer, task manager, or something to help with productivity.

1. Hootsuite

Social media is a critical aspect of running a successful startup. Hootsuite allows you to have all your different social media accounts in one spot.

This makes posting easier and just one way using technology can improve your company’s efficacy.

2. Survey Monkey

With Survey Monkey, you can design custom surveys to collect important information. A great way to use surveys is to ask for feedback from current customers.

3. Google Trends

To be a successful startup, you need to pay attention to your SEO. Google Trends will help you explore what searches are popular at any moment.

With this information, you can tailor your content to include the best keywords.

4. MailChimp

Using this tool, you can create free email marketing campaigns. The free version comes with analytical tools, templates, and more.

5. Meister Task

All new startups should consider using Meister Task. It can function as one part of a calendar organizer because it is a great task and project manager.

Meister Task lets you add specific team members to a project. You can also assign tasks to people.

6. Evernote

Consider this: You get a great idea for your startup while out and about so you jot the note down on some scrap paper.

What happens? You likely will lose it before ever sharing your idea.

Evernote fixes this issues as it’s an organized way to write notes and blogs that syncs across all your devices.

7. Boomerang for Gmail

This Gmail plugin is very useful for startups. Using it will help any business better manage their emails.

It allows you to schedule times for emails to be sent. This means you can send emails at 7 in the morning without actually being awake yet.

8. Invoiceable

If you are looking for an invoice tool, definitely check Invoiceable out. It does not have a limit on how many invoices you can create.

With it, you can also track payments that are outstanding and follow up on anything that is pending.

9. MindMup

Every try to get your idea or point across and struggle to make people understand? If you use MindMup, you will be able to share your exact vision.

MindMup helps you create a visual depiction to share with your coworkers. Comprehension tends to be higher when using visual aids. Getting everyone on the same page will improve productivity and your bottom line.

10. Square

One final tool you absolutely need as a startup is Square. This allows you to accept card payments.

Download the app, order the card reader attachment, and get started making money!

Start Using a Calendar Organizer and More

Do you have additional questions about improving your startup?

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