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How You Can Save Time With a Virtual Personal Assistant App

By May 17, 2017 No Comments

Virtual personal assistant app

There’s no denying it: Administrative work is time-consuming.

It can also be expensive, especially when you’re losing valuable time you could be spending with you clients. Here’s a guide to the latest advancements in AI tech and how a virtual personal assistant app can make scheduling meetings easier.

Where Did The Idea For A Virtual Personal Assistant App Come From?

The term “artificial intelligence” was first coined in 1955. Although we’re still a long way from walking, talking AI robots, the latest advancements in AI technology are making our lives easier in ways we never expected.

Many of us had our first introduction to AI tech with the introduction of Apple’s SIRI. We have since transitioned into trusting and even expecting the element of AI in our lives.

Here are three of the hottest growing sectors of AI tech:

Natural Language Generation

This technology specializes in producing text from computer data. This technology is currently employed in customer service and is helpful in summarizing business data.

Speech Recognition

The technology that allows your iPhone to transcribe your speech into written text, or your car to dial a number at your command.

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