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Digitization in Law: The Modern Law Firm

By September 8, 2017 No Comments

law firmThe world is changing at a rapid pace, and the item that is current at the forefront of business development is digitization.

Businesses the world over are embracing the digital age to offer bigger, better and improved services.

As always there are some business and industries that need to be ready to embrace the new modern world. A law firm is a shining example of an industry that has been changed by the rise in new technology.

How Will Digitization Impact the Way a Law Firm Does Business?

Lawyers are expensive. They offer a valuable service for which people need to pay for. The rise of digitization has seen a reduction in the cost of lawyers. Not because they are being forced to lower their prices, but because technology is working for them. It is offering a way to speed up processes and thus reduce the cost of their services per client.

GMAP Will Save Law Firms Time and Clients Money

Anything that saves a law firm time is a good thing. It means they can get more work in yet individual clients are getting charged less.

The GMAP is a prime example. The Global Merger Analysis Platform offers law firms a way to run a detailed analysis on merger and acquisition deals for large corporate clients in a matter of hours when before, compared to days previously.

Digitization Brings Standardized Business Practices a Step Closer

Within any given firm there could be any number of different processes running depending on the clients, the work in question and even the lawyer that is dealing with it.

With digitization, law firms are now in a position to offer a standardized process for everything from case handling to billing, revenue collection and more. Standardized processes within a company mean a clearer insight into what is going on, for both potential customers and senior partners alike.

Law Firms Are Expanding Beyond Their Native Shores

As the world grows, technology is helping make it a smaller place. There is a new market for law companies to expand and open offices in other countries or form working partnerships with other firms.

Digitization is aiding this by allowing remote working for everything from staff meetings to consults and data gathering.

Technology is helping people work through all manner of issues which in years gone by may have slowed down the legal process greatly. Everything from cultural issues and time zones to jurisdictional restrictions.

The Digital Age Really is Just Beginning

The age of digitization is just getting started. With increasing investment in AI and deep learning, there are big changes to come. Out of all industries and businesses, the law firm stands to be one of those that have the most to gain. It is also fair to say that it has the highest requirement to incorporate new technology.

Complex cases are increasing in frequency. The general public is becoming savvier to the ways of the world, and so the incorporation of tech into the legal profession will see such high profile cases handled in a much more complete and efficient manner.

From increased personal interaction, time-saving systems, standardized processes, and above all else, increased flexibility, the legal profession has a lot to gain from this new technological revolution.


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