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The Evolution and Future of a Virtual Assistant App

By June 25, 2017 No Comments

virtual assistant app

Did you know that a virtual assistant app could change the way you run your business?

They can communicate with your clients and even manage your busy schedule for you!

Technology is constantly evolving and artificial intelligence (AI) apps play a big role in the future.

How has the virtual assistant app evolved over time?

When these types of apps first began, they were very basic.

You may even remember online shopping sites featuring chat bots who could only answer very simple, predetermined questions.

These types of chatbots were fun, but didn’t offer much in terms of substance. This often lead to customers leaving in frustration, and things had to change.

Thankfully, technological advances have meant things have gotten much more user-friendly. Now it is often easy to forget you are actually talking to a computer and not a real person!

Over time, artificial intelligence has evolved and the designs are smarter and more efficient.

What is the future of these types of apps?

Eventually, these virtual assistants could replace human workers. They can already save you time, answer emails and manage your calendar.

They don’t need breaks and they never have a sick day.

Facebook and other large corporations have already seen the benefit of implementing AI tools into their business plans.

Even banks are beginning to replace existing customer service systems with more automated ones.

As an example, companies are beginning to rely on a virtual assistant app for processing bills and connecting with customers.

The possibilities are endless and you will be saving money.

AI still has a long way to go before it can think for itself, but for those day to day processes, it is certainly something worth exploring.

What is the downside?

Back in the 80’s we were given the idea that artificial intelligence would eventually destroy us. Take the original Arnold Swarzenneger movie, the Terminator, for example.

While a future of cyborgs is unlikely (although not impossible), there are still a few things we should keep in mind.

Any piece of technology needs to be designed to best serve the interests of humans. Essentially, your wish is their command.
Next, technology is under the constant threat of hackers, so designers must be up to date with security.

It is likely unskilled jobs will eventually be given to AI instead of humans, but we think the increase in efficiency is worth celebrating. We think this TED talk gives a pretty optimistic view on the future of labor.

The world is quickly becoming digital. With a virtual assistant app, your business can be highly productive in any timezone, any time of day

Meet Sally…

Sally is a virtual assistant app designed to manage your calendar for you. She can schedule appointments and communicate with you via email.

With monthly plans available based on your needs, it could be much more cost effective than hiring a new employee.

How do you feel about this type of artificial intelligence? Would you implement one of these apps into your business?

We would love to hear from you, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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