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History of Robots: Who Invented Artificial Intelligence?

By October 13, 2017 No Comments

history of robotsGartner Group predicts that by 2020 85% of the customer journey will be managed by robots.

Today, across industries, A.I. technology is taking over. It’s solving problems. Machine learning is helping automate monotonous processes that once required humans. It’s even helping doctors improve patient outcomes.

It’s even helping doctors improve patient outcomes.

It’s not hard to imagine robots integrating into every aspect of our lives.

But where did robots come from? The history of robots may surprise you.

A History Of Robots: Roots In Antiquity

All scientists build upon the shoulders of past discoveries, philosophies, and understandings. You may be shocked to find that we can trace the history of robots back to the development of deductive reasoning in the 4th century B.C.

Yes, that was B.C.

Aristotle’s concept of deductive reasoning led the way for the developing of robots many thousand years down the line.

In the same way that scientists use deductive reasoning to eliminate false possibilities, A.I. uses deduction to eliminate the wrong answers. Through it, they arrive at the right one.

A Trunk in the Last Millennium


A poet named Ramon Llull published a book called The Ultimate General Art which promoted the idea of combining two totally different things to make something new and better through the process of creation.


Gottfried Leibniz developed the concept that human thought is no more than endless combinations a small number of concepts. In A.I. we can think of these concepts as the code that the A.I. can manipulate and use in millions of ways.


Inventor Nikola Tesla invented the first radio-powered vessel, demonstrating the capabilities of automated technologies.


Leonardo Torres y Quevedo created a chess-playing machine capable of participating in a very limited number of chess scenarios. It was revolutionary for the time.


The first robot was built in Japan. It could mimic human expressions and move its head.


Walter Pitts’ papers that described how neurons perform logic functions will later inspire the concept of “deep learning”, a vital component of A.I.

Fast Forward To The Last 10 years

As we move into the 21st century in the history of robots, the technology begins to look more recognizable.


Google developed a driverless car that passed the Nevada driver’s test.

Stats Monkey was released. It can write human-sounding sports news autonomously.


IBM’s answer-finding Watson competed on Jeopardy and won against 2 former champions.


Jeff Dean and Andrew Ng expose a robot to endless hours of YouTube videos. Without any input from the programmers, it develops a strong “emotional” response to cat videos.


Google’s Deepmind defeats the reigning champion of GO after teaching itself how to play.

Today In The History of Robots

It’s clear that we can’t cover every ground-breaking moment. Many cultures, countries, and people have had a hand in developing of A.I. technology.

Many have contributed to what it has become today. And we know from history that it will continue to evolve.

But you don’t have to wait to use this kind of technology to increase your productivity by automating monotonous processes with machine learning technology.

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