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How the Intelligent Assistant Is Changing HR Workflow

By October 9, 2017 No Comments

intelligent assistantThe world of human resources seems like a strange place to find AI technology. Surely this should be the part of your organization most likely to deal with people?

Staff can spend up to 40 percent of their day in meetings. With so many meetings to organize, it would be helpful to hand the scheduling to someone else.

An intelligent assistant could be the answer. Read on to discover how they’re transforming the HR workflow.

The Age Of The Intelligent Assistant

Use Machine Learning to Delegate Common Tasks

Whatever industry you’re in, you’re sure to perform common tasks on a daily basis. Imagine if you could delegate those to a personal secretary who would perform them without question or complaint!

With an intelligent assistant, you can. The AI technology learns how you use emails, follow up with people, or organize your calendar.

The assistant takes over these functions, working in the background to free you up for the tasks that require your attention and expertise. It improves your productivity and allows you to focus on the things only you can do.

If you’re not sure about the efficiency of machine learning, look at Apple’s Siri. She uses machine learning to get to know your speech patterns. It helps her to understand you and give you the answers you need.

Your new AI assistant can do the same with your email inbox.

Provides Excellent Customer Service

Customers expect a response to queries within ten minutes of contact. Brands now use chatbots to offer customer service around the clock.

In the world of human resources, you’re often looking to hire new employees on a strict timeline. Your potential hires also want to get over the hiring hurdle and to work fast.

An intelligent assistant can provide prompt service without getting swamped by emails. It can field questions from potential employees or even ask candidates qualifying questions ahead of an interview.

They also avoid calendar mishaps by scheduling meetings for you. You won’t have to worry about being distracted while entering a meeting on your calendar.

An Intelligent Assistant Avoids Personal Bias

We don’t like to think of ourselves as biased but people make judgments about others without thinking. Those biases could stop you hiring ideal employees.

Research shows managers can spend entire job interviews trying to justify their initial impression of a candidate.

Intelligent assistants operate without those kinds of biases. Some AI software even scans the data on a resume to spot patterns of behavior.

A candidate who spent their college years balancing their studies with a steady job and a spot on a sports team shows determination and staying power.

They can even suggest questions to an interviewer.

Want a Faster Workflow?

The initial contact with a candidate, particularly where scheduling meetings or answer questions is concerned, takes up a lot of time.

Using an intelligent assistant skips the calendar tennis and arranges the meetings while you use your time more effectively.

If you’d like to explore using AI assistants in your business, contact us today to meet Sally.


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