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Meeting Management: How to Boost Productivity with AI

By September 30, 2017 No Comments

meeting managementNo matter what industry you’re in, you probably go through the tedious task of scheduling meetings. Or, you have staff who are forced to spend way too much time setting up meetings for you.

Let’s break it down a little further. You open up your email, reach out to a prospect, and wait for them to reply.

You go on with your work. Then, Bam! They reply right when you’re in the middle of something. You have to take time away to go check schedules, coordinate with your boss or employees, and then reply.

You have to take time away to go check schedules, coordinate with your boss or employees, and then reply. But, we all know this isn’t the end of it. It usually takes several tries to finally settle on a time and date.

As a business owner, you want to maximize your ROI, so you should consider AI. AI boosts productivity so you and your staff can better facilitate meeting management.

How are businesses using AI?

Scheduling Meetings

Artifical intelligence, or AI, is growingly increasingly popular amongst businesses for a number of reasons.

Scheduling meetings may not always seem like a huge time consumer. But, you’d be pretty surprised.

After initiating the first email, an average person spends 15 minutes scheduling a 30-minute meeting. If you schedule 8-10 meetings a week, that’s 120-150 hours of lost productivity every year.

Eliminating this monotonous back-and-forth literally saves you hours of work. That kind of time can be spent on less trivial duties.

Also, you have to consider the amount of time your employees must spend scheduling their own meetings. When they use an AI system, they are able to benefit themselves and the company.

Customer Service

Not only can AI be used for meeting management, but it’s also able to take on more rigorous tasks. AI is gaining traction for customer service agents.

When an agent uses AI, they’re cutting down on time spent working with a customer. Before, customer service reps were responsible for memorizing current promotions and policies.

But now, they can simply tap into their respective systems and voila. The information is right there in front of them.

What is the Trick to Efficient Meeting Management?

To really boost productivity levels in the office, you need to effectively train your AI system. It needs to learn your own preferences and work around your needs.

It’s so important to establish a consistency. No matter who is interacting with your AI, it needs to deliver an undeviating experience.

This is especially applicable if you plan to use your AI for customer service purposes. Customers need to be receiving the same answers. There will be a feeling of distrust if they are receiving different information each time they call in.

When scheduling meetings, your AI will need to understand a variety of responses. Obviously, there are many different ways this kind of correspondence can go. So, you’re meeting manager needs to be prepared to handle them all.

To Wrap Things Up…

AI is a great investment as it’s one that will bring you ample time and money back in return.

To make the most of your system, make sure that it’s able to handle multiple dialogues and can withstand difficult conversation.

If you’re looking at finding a way to boost productivity in your workplace, we’ve got you covered. We’d like to introduce you to our AI friend, Sally.

Learn more about Sally by contacting us today.


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