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Maximize Your Time With Online Calendar Management

By June 9, 2017 No Comments

online calendar managementWith all the thousands of things pulling for our attention, it can feel impossible to keep an organized schedule.

Time management is absolutely imperative for a successful, fulfilling life. But between all the meetings and phone calls for your business, special events with your family, and all the time for yourself, there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

There must be a way to keep everything straight, right?

Online calendar management can help you take control of your schedule instead of the other way around.

Unlike paper planners or non-syncable computer calendars, online calendar apps allow you to manage your schedule quickly and efficiently from anywhere.

Keep all of your appointments in one place

Have you ever written down an appointment in your home calendar only to realize once you got to work that there was an important meeting at the same time that you forgot to add?

This can be embarrassing when dealing with clients and disappoints your friends and family.

With online calendar management, you can add events from all of your various obligations to the same calendar, even if you don’t have your work computer in front of you.

Instantly access your calendar from anywhere

How often has someone tried to set up an appointment with you when you were out of the office, and you couldn’t give them an answer because you didn’t have your calendar in front of you?

You don’t have to live like that anymore. Online calendar management opens the door to instant, universal access.

Since your calendar is saved in the cloud, you can view and edit your schedule from anywhere.

Many online calendar management apps even allow you to sync your calendar with Facebook events, so you don’t miss a thing.

Sync up with changes instantly

Viewing your events isn’t the only thing the cloud lets you do instantly.

You can also make changes to your calendar. And those changes sync instantly across all of your devices.

Never forget a last-minute change again. Or, better yet, keep track of your business cancellations so you can make spontaneous plans with your family.

Online calendar management creates better collaboration

It can be frustrating to try to keep event details straight between your colleagues.

Addresses can be written down wrong, times can be misheard. And let’s not get started on finding a meeting time among busy partners.

With online calendar management, it has never been easier to share and co-manage events with clients, coworkers, and family.

Share events, or even entire calendars with your colleagues, saving time and boosting productivity.

Automated reminders

One of the biggest problems with traditional calendars is that they are only helpful as long as you are looking at them.

Online calendar management automates reminders, alerting you when events are approaching. Never miss another meeting, soccer game, or dinner.

But that’s not all. As a sophisticated AI, Meet Sally can also respond to emails and set up appointments as effectively as a human assistant, and that’s without paying her a salary.

If you want to take your scheduling to the next level, check out what Meet Sally can do for you.


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