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Remote Assistance for Organizing a Remote Workforce

By November 23, 2017 No Comments

remote assistanceWorking remotely is no longer a privilege given only to top-level, tenured employees. Companies are realizing the benefits of employing teams of remote workers around the world.

In fact, over the last decade, telecommuting has seen a 115% increase. Many people are taking advantage of the work-life balance that can be achieved by working remotely.

Companies are also reaping the benefits of adding telecommuting to their business models.

But it doesn’t come without complications.

It’s essential to maintain a cohesive flow of productivity and communication in your remote workers.

Doing this means turning to remote assistance technology. Let’s look at how it can help your workforce.

Streamlining the Scheduling Process

With people working in different time zones, scheduling can become a headache. How do you manage meetings with clients and team members within a remote workforce?

AI software can bring all this together. By implementing remote assistance technology, you can streamline the entire process. This way nothing falls through the cracks.

This type of scheduling software does much more than act as a virtual calendar. It will tap into your remote infrastructure to assist with the following:

  • Setting meetings
  • Meeting confirmations via email
  • Appointment reminders
  • Organizing meetings over different time zones
  • Keeping track of travel plans

Scheduling software will help your remote workforce stay organized and on time. Even down to simple lunch meetings and time off.

Healthy Lines of Communication

Staying on the same page is essential when employing remote teams. Without a physical office, communication can break down quickly.

Remote assistance acts as a virtual office. This allows everyone the ability to stay connected around the clock.

From video calls to instant messaging, AI software will bring remote workers together. This allows you to form procedures and expectations that will breed productive communication.

Keeping team members connected also creates a sense of community. They need an environment where they can bond.

Telecommuting software allows for accessibility that brings your employees closer to you. This virtual landscape takes over where the physical office left off.

Tracking Performance

With remote teams, a big concern is productivity. You need to know tasks are being completed efficiently.

This is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Your hiring procedures will likely result in trustworthy employees. But telecommuting means management is one step removed.

This brings up the issue of accountability. Remote workers must maintain a level of productivity that’s up to par with the rest of the team.

Remote assistance can help you track projects and assist with time management. You’ll be able to measure a team member’s contributions.

You can also keep track of timelines for an entire project and an individual employee. Because many remote employees work strange hours, this is essential.

Remote Assistance Bringing Your Workforce Together

Telecommuting will most likely keep expanding until it’s the norm. With this comes a world of business opportunity

AI software helps bring people together and lets you manage remote teams effectively.

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