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How Startup CEOs Use Their Business Calendar to Maximize Productivity

By December 5, 2017 No Comments

business calendarStartups take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be successful. As a CEO of a startup, you should expect to work long hours and take a meager paycheck.

That’s the price of dedication to your dream, though. While it does take hard work to realize your goals, there is a way to make it more efficient.

We’re going to teach you how to use your business calendar to make the best use of your already limited time. Keep reading to discover how to boost your business!

Break Out Of Email Jail

Do you dread the pinging sound of a new message? Do you unconsciously flinch, thinking it’s another bill or person with a problem?

Email can be a huge time suck, wasting up to 40% of your precious minutes.

Get out of email jail by blocking a chunk of time in your business calendar to read them. The rest of the time? Put it on mute.

You’ll find that not all emails are life or death and can stand to go unanswered for a bit.

Back to Back Meetings

Meetings aren’t always productive, but sometimes you just need to have them. The way to make sure you’re not stuck in one that’s going nowhere fast is to schedule them back to back.

Take one day out of the week to have all of your meetings. Try to keep them short and sweet.

You’ll be amazed how efficient you can be when you cut out the unnecessary stuff! Plus, saying “I have a meeting in five minutes” is a great way to keep people on track.

Schedule ‘Nothing’ on Your Business Calendar

A defining feature of a startup CEO is having a dream. But what happens when you get too busy to imagine anything anymore?

Get a block of white space on your calendar for “nothing time”. During this time, let your thoughts flow freely.

Creativity is one of the great building blocks of success. Use your nothing time to go for a walk, doodle, or just daydream. You might stumble upon the next big thing or the solution to your problem!

Lean on Technology

Remember when smartphones first came out? Everyone thought they were going to be a novelty that when nowhere.

Now? We can’t live without the super-powered pocket computers.

There’s a lot of great tech being developed precisely to solve your scheduling problems. Take advantage of it!

Use the cloud to store contact information. Sync your business calendar with your business partners’ calendar to better coordinate meetings.

Be More Organized and Efficient

You’ve heard about the startling failure rate for startups (nine out of 10). Did you know the number one cause of those failures is inefficiency and incompetence?

At the end of the day, as a startup CEO, you are only one person. These tips will help you take control of your time, but sometimes, things still slip through the cracks.

An AI assistant can pick up the slack and help you focus on meeting your goals. Contact us if you’re ready to find out how an AI assistant can take your business to the next level!


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