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Time Zone Troubles? How a Virtual Scheduling Assistant Can Help

By December 9, 2017 No Comments

scheduling assistantIn the modern business environment, where working across time zones is becoming an everyday reality, you can save many hours and become much more productive nearly instantly with the help of an AI scheduling assistant.

Working internationally lets you draw top talent from a Global source pool and outsource work for cheaper labor, establish client contracts and partnerships across the globe.

There are of course downsides though, like the challenge of scheduling meetings across time-zones. That is, without the help of an intelligent meeting scheduler app.

Wouldn’t work be much easier and more efficient with a virtual personal assistant to do the job?

Spend Less Time on Email & Scheduling

Surely you know the struggle of handling email correspondence and scheduling across multiple time-zones without a virtual personal assistant…

Endless email chains. Accidental double bookings and last-minute changes due to late responses. A workflow that feels out of sync.

Emailing takes up plenty of time in almost any business and time zone differences only make it worse.

You can work around this with a set of digital tools, including at least:

  • A time-zone utility to find times that suit everyone.
  • A calendar app to schedule things.
  • A planning app for meetings.

This requires learning new software and getting it to work together. And you’ll still spend a lot of time emailing across different schedules.

Or you could leave it all to a scheduling assistant app. Let it simplify your work and help you save time.

Economics of Automation

You may be wondering, why use a virtual personal assistant app rather than a human scheduling assistant?

Hiring a human to do this work across multiple time zones isn’t as easy as you might think. This job would mean working long, weird hours, constant multi-tasking between e-mailing people, and planning tasks on multiple platforms.

You may have to hire more than one person and supply them with the tools to do this job.

These limitations make hiring an assistant expensive and inefficient. And it harms the scalability of your business since more business means more scheduling.

AI makes you more efficient at work, and a virtual scheduling assistant like Sally is simply the better choice.

All-In-One Scheduling Assistant

When picking out the best virtual assistant app, make sure it can do all the tasks you need to be done. It takes more than a simple online calendar management or meeting scheduler app as they only do part of the job.

Email bots and calendar planner apps are limited to their one platform. Getting various automation tools to work together can be just as much work as doing things manually.

Meet Sally. The virtual personal assistant app that handles all these tasks. The latest in AI tech makes her highly versatile, yet simple to use.

Just CC Sally on an email chain. The AI will find a time when everyone can do the meeting despite time-zone differences.

Sally currently integrates with iCloud/iCal, Office 365, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Exchange. She can even check your availability with any other calendar that’s synced to your Google Calendar, iCloud/iCal or Office 365.

On top of taking time-zones into consideration, Sally factors in location and travel times via Google Maps. This prevents meetings that people can’t reach on time.

Don’t Miss Out

Get your virtual personal assistant app today and save countless hours of your precious time.

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