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How a Virtual Personal Assistant Improves the Work Force

By June 13, 2017 No Comments

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Wouldn’t it be nice to hire an assistant you didn’t have to pay?

Yes, it would be. Well, with a virtual personal assistant app, you’re making one big step toward that goal.

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm nowadays with things like Oculus Rift. Personal assistants are part of this movement. A personal assistant is an app that does what you want to do while you can’t do it.

In other words, it acts as a third hand to help you work on several fronts at the same time.

Personal assistants are changing the way that offices around the world are being run. Every year, important updates are coming to companies through virtual personal assistants.

Here’s what you need to know.

Ease the Burden of Scheduling

You want to focus on the important things in your workday. The ideas and execution of plans are the most vital aspects of your day-to-day, no matter what that is.

No matter what you do, though, you’re going to spend a long time scheduling. For things like meetings, presentations and interviews, you need to schedule ahead of time.

That can take away from the very activities you’re planning! With personal assistants, you can worry a little bit less about scheduling.

New technologies to help your personal assistant are making planning events a much easier process.

And, since people are working longer hours than ever before, you might like having a few extra hours back every week.

That will let you focus on the stuff you really care about.

Scratch that–the people you care about.

Make Life Easier on Your Customers

A good business or project needs to first tend to its clients. If a person interacting with a company has a good experience, they’re more likely to come back.

A personal assistant can do wonders for the customer service centers of any business.

Often, the most frustrating experiences customers have is fixing an issue. Who hasn’t heard a story about someone trying to cancel a subscription, or fix a pipe only to be stopped by a lousy customer service rep?

Sometimes, just sometimes, it might be the customer’s fault. But you can’t say that.

Why not avoid the interaction altogether?

It’s better to use personal assistants to automate the problem fixing process. New technology allows you to send the customer around the human conversation.

That makes it easier for them and you.

Stay Safe, Without Thinking

Maybe the most important way that a personal assistant can improve the workday is through improving security.

Nowadays, with all the threats out there, maintaining cyber security is more vital than ever before.

Virtual personal assistants allow you to control the many different security procedures you need to take–changing settings, etc–all at once.

That’ll make your life easier, because you won’t always be thinking about the safety of your assets.

And that safety will be better than you could pull off by yourself.

Consider a Personal Assistant

Getting a personal assistant can change how a business is run in just a few days. Feel free to

Feel free to reach out to learn more about your future with personal assistants, as well as meet Sally, our own meeting scheduling virtual assistant.


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